Aevum Concepts & Design - Embracing The Italian Way of Life

26 September 2019   |   by Danielle   |   Italy Furniture
Aevum Concepts & Design Embracing The Italian Way of Life

Everyone loves a taste of Italy, but what is it about this beautiful European country along the Mediterranean coastline that continues to set our hearts alight? Here we share five reasons why we’re choosing to embrace the Italian way of life...

Aevum Concepts & Design

1 Italian History Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to the Roman Empire. Throughout the centuries it has established itself as an iconic European nation.Italy remains a powerful force to be reckoned with and a nation with immense influence in global history, culture and design.

2 Italian Values The Italian way of life is linked to deep-rooted legacy, refined luxury, iconic fashion, and an appreciation for the finer things in life.Here the locals are proud of their heritage and nation. Theycelebrate the beauty of everyday moments. They value family. They enjoy good food, laid back living and a love of arts and culture. They also embrace a slower pace of life and seekpurpose beyond the bustle of western civilization.

3 Italian Innovation Italians naturally continue to pioneer the way ahead in terms of global design and innovation. From fashion and food to luxury cars, architecture, furniture and creative arts – Italy rightfully leads the charge when it comes to cultural and creative genius.

4 Italian Design When it comes to furniture, it is therefore no wonder that Italy is also home to some of the leading furniture brands on the continent. With an emphasis on legacy, authentic craftsmanship and superior quality products, Italy shares a passion for design that the rest of the world can only aspire towards.

5 Taking Italy to The World At Aevum Concepts & Design we are bridging the continental divide between Europe and Africa; between the beauty of Italian design and the diversity of the South African people. This is the Italian lifestyle we have come to love and embrace – one of authenticity, history, culture and design. And these are the very values represented in the many leading Italian furniture brands we represent on the continent of Africa.